04 October 2016

La Lumière de Sainte-Chapelle

This self portrait was inspired by a picture Antonia took of me when we were visiting Sainte-Chapelle, in Paris. I was costantly turning around in complete awe, looking at the stained glass, the blue and golden columns, the ceiling, the rose window, all over again and, eventually, I turned to see her with the camera pointed at me. 
There is something extremely unique in Sainte-Chapelle that caught my interest for both pictures taking and painting, and that's the inspiring and colorful lighting, you don't get this anywhere else in the world.

The Chapelle is located in Île-De-La-Cité, next to the Palais-de-Justice. It was really special to finally be there. I couldn't wait to see Sainte-Chapelle in real life, especially after playing Assassin's Creed Unity for almost two years and virtually visiting that spot with my friends almost daily.
Here is a bunch of step by step. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

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