17 October 2017

Hey yall!

Hey Carly!

Carly's one of my favorite people on Instagram.
I've never seen a gal rocking anything as good as Carly rocking this outfit.

15 October 2017

CHAIN 0 - Stephen O'Clary

From "Chain 00"

November 22, 2001

Dear Tommy,
I’m not quite sure how to put everything into words, these last couple of months have been a real rollercoaster, for all of us. 
I know it doesn’t really feel like there is much to be thankful for, this year, but there is. 
Patrick was an example of courage and good-will. I’ve learned a lot from him, he inspired me kindness when I was blinded by anger and bravery in the darkest of times. He was a caring brother and an invaluable friend, but also a loving father and husband. He will be remembered as the hero he was. Today we will be thankful for the time we all got to spend with him.

Before you open this present, I want you to know that it belonged to our family for generations, since your Great-Grandfather, Charles O’Clary. Your father was extremely attached to it and I know he would have wanted you to have it. I’m sure you’ll treasure it. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Tommy
Uncle Stephen

14 July 2017


"Tirez, continuez à tirer!"

Oscar François De Jarjayes, July 14th, 1789.

16 June 2017


I have never drawn a villain before, that was a fun experiment, especially with those evil lights. It was also surprisingly quick, considering my standards. Usually, it takes me more days than I'd like to admit to complete a portrait. Anyway, enjoy this portrait of older Cercei Lannister drunk of that wildfire she likes so much. Cheers!

21 February 2017


King Noctis Lucis Caelum CXIV,
Final Fantasy XV

When the second darkness will fall upon the world, the King of Kings shall rise against it and purge our star of its scourge.

04 October 2016

La Lumière de Sainte-Chapelle

This self portrait was inspired by a picture Antonia took of me when we were visiting Sainte-Chapelle, in Paris. I was costantly turning around in complete awe, looking at the stained glass, the blue and golden columns, the ceiling, the rose window, all over again and, eventually, I turned to see her with the camera pointed at me. 
There is something extremely unique in Sainte-Chapelle that caught my interest for both pictures taking and painting, and that's the inspiring and colorful lighting, you don't get this anywhere else in the world.

The Chapelle is located in Île-De-La-Cité, next to the Palais-de-Justice. It was really special to finally be there. I couldn't wait to see Sainte-Chapelle in real life, especially after playing Assassin's Creed Unity for almost two years and virtually visiting that spot with my friends almost daily.
Here is a bunch of step by step. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

26 June 2016

Memento Gallery's Cockade

I always had a hard time deciding when I'm done with a painting. 
But if I never do, it never ends.

11 September 2014

CHAIN 0 - Patrick O'Clary

I had to go in early today, there was a training session scheduled for 8 am that I completely forgot about. I’m taking Junior to school so you have the morning to yourself.
P.S. I'm sorry for last night. Text me as soon as you read this, I've got big news to share. 
I love you very much,


September 11, 2001.

11 August 2014

Chain Explained

When friends ask me "what is Chain?" I usually just laugh it out because I don't really know how to answer.
It isn't a comic or a novel. It's exactly what it looks like: a bunch of portraits collected in a timeline that aims to tell a story through the written documents these pictures come with, such as letters or diary pages.
The events take place on the East Coast right after the end of WW2, focusing on the O'Clarys, a middle-class family living the American Dream on Long island, New York. All the family pictures and documents are collected for a school project by T. P. O'Clary, the latest "link of the Chain", who is moved by the strong love he feels for his family; affection that grew stronger after an extremely shocking event that completely changed his life when he was a child.
From the end of a war to the beginning of another, "Chain" is the peace in between.

In the second generation, Elizabeth Gabrys and Thomas O'Clary are living their own teenage fairytale between Brooklyn and Manhattan, during the brightest decade in the history of the United States: the 50s. Their first meeting at his mother's diner, the first date at the Victoria Hotel and the first kiss in Central Park, Chain 55 is all about how these lucky ones got to live their incredibly normal lives.

Since this is also a "behind-the-scenes" kind of post, here are two step-by-step GIFs. Their expressions are both represented in the exact moment they see each other for the very first time.
(click to enlarge)
Chain doesn't have any ambition, it's not a work related project but a personal and inspired one. It's my own tribute to peaceful times and admiration for that bygone era, channeled into what I'm able to express through my drawings.
"And now I'm dancin' to his voice
He turns to music every noise 
He grabs my waist and makes me spin
Long live the king of the Drive-In "

From the album "Unchained", by Julia Adeler.

21 March 2014


That's a Variant Edition cover for a Marvel's X-Men comic that was previously inked by the talented Jacopo Dronio.

 20 Italian Artists for 20 Variant covers to celebrate Panini Comics' 20th anniversary.
That's the one I had the honor to work on. 

Follow the visual countdown on Panini's website, which is unveiling a new cover every day till the day the issues will be released.