16 October 2013

Synchronization - Inspired by the Creed

Ubisoft's "Assassin's Creed" series has always been a huge inspiration for me— other than for some good time-killing, i mean. The concept created for this world offers an endless source of ideas and chances to fly away with your imagination into our own world and history. 
Every once in a while i need to take a break from portraits commissions, freelance art and boring advertisement designs— and one of the things i enjoy most is painting whatever the frak i feel like. 
An hooded assassin is always on my top-list. 
Also, free-painting is not just fun but also a very good training. Every new painting teaches me something new and i can't see an ending yet!
Which means is not over yet. There's still a lot i need to learn and that i'd love to experience. 


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